Mid Atlantic Ship Repair & Supply Summit - Las Palmas Port

More than an event, an opportunity. As costs and challenges increase for the shipping industry, an exceptional discussion about expansion by capturing cost and time savings. The Mid Atlantic Ship Repair & Supply Summit will explore how companies across the naval repair and ship supply sectors can benefit from basing in the Canary Islands. Top experts and officials will join the global forum on April 4th and 5th, 2019 in the capital of Gran Canaria. Attendees will get unprecedented access to companies supporting the Ports of Las Palmas.

This is where you want to be if your company is active in Europe, the Middle Atlantic, or Africa. Leading global shipping firms are already here. They have discovered the unique savings and opportunities that fuse European structures with globally competitive incentives. From tax benefits to unparalleled local support, the Canary Islands is seizing the future. Join them for an extraordinary exchange about the investments and innovations shaping the industry’s transformation.

An unforgettable location. The Summit will be take place at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, an ultra-modern city with a California-like climate. Indeed, the Canary Islands has been said to enjoy “the best climate in the world”. Located at the end of Las Canteras beach, the Auditorium is a former fortress that was designed to protect the city and has become an iconic emblem for the island.


SESSION 1: The Port of Las Palmas. Incentives and Experiences

Las Palmas Ports and its flagship, La Luz Port, have one of the most enviable geo-strategic locations in the world. Situated in the Canary Islands, Spain, it is the southernmost European port.Ideally positioned in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, very close to the African continent, only 80 km away from the coast.

The Port is internationally-known for being a sophisticated Service Port, able to offer all the support ships and logistic companies require: draughts up to 22 m, 14 km of mooring, tugs, cranes, ship repairs, bunkering, goods transportation, container terminals, etc. Get an insider’s look at the facilities and world-class resources available in the Canary Islands.

SESSION 2: Industry 4.0 and Smart Shipyards

As a result of the implementation of the Industry 4.0 program, shipyards and naval workshops are also embracing an innovative revolution. Challenges include: improved identification, traceability, indoor location, all of them from production and through their life, additive manufacturing, etc. improving productivity and safety. The Summit will feature cutting edge expertise from this work.

SESSION 3: New Strategies within the IMO Emissions Regulation

The International Maritime Organization has instituted a series of regulations to address air pollution from ocean-going vessels. They also have plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. New fuels and approaches to converge with this regulation will be discussed at the Summit. LNG being one of the important options, even more taking into account the gas fields offshore Mauritania and Senegal.



The Canary Islands have been pioneers in testing marine renewable energy technologies. Currently, this Archipelago is home of trials of several wave energy devices and of the first off-shore wind turbine in Southern Europe.

The International meeting on Marine Renewable Energy is mainly focused on perspectives, test site experiences, technology potential and progress of marine and off-shore wind renewable energies and other ocean energy technologies in the Canary Islands, Spain and other countries drivers for marine energy around the world. Technology companies in this sector will expose their progress in different technologies; grid connection infrastructure experiences; marine wind farms business models, etc.