Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a modern, cosmopolitan city, with a mild and pleasant climate considered internationally as “the best climate in the world” – as shown by numerous international studies – It has managed to incorporate itself into new times without losing its traditional values. With a surface that already surpasses the 100 square kilometers, according to the census it houses a population that reaches almost 400,000 inhabitants, but in reality there are more than 500,000. Today, due to its population, it is the ninth Spanish city and the most populated city of the Canary Islands.

Currently it shares the capital of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands with Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as provided by the current Statute of Autonomy. Its main activity is in the services sector, without forgetting the strategic and vital importance of the Port of La Luz, the largest in this area of the Atlantic and crucial for the traffic of goods and passengers. It also has a growing industrial sector, especially after the establishment of the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) since 2000.

The beach of Las Canteras, with more than three kilometers in length, is one of the main attractions of the city. In addition to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, a varied offer of accommodation, leisure and restoration is concentrated in its surroundings.

The historical district of Vegueta, with tropical air and narrow cobblestone streets, houses some of the most iconic buildings of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: the Santa Ana Cathedral, the Casa de Colón or the Canarian Museum are visits that no one should miss. For lovers of ‘shopping’, the city has several shopping centers, although it is advisable to take advantage of the good weather that reigns in the city throughout the year and walk through its streets while enjoying the shops and shop windows.

How to enjoy free time

The cultural events of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are wide and varied. The theater, cinema, opera, concerts, arts or dance are regular shows on the billboards of their cultural centers, just as their nights include a wide range of entertainment. At certain times of the year there are dates for cultural events such as the Film Festival or the Festival of Theater and Dance, organized by the City Council. In addition, there is the Carnival and the rest of popular festivals, among which the anniversary of the founding of the city stands out, coinciding with San Juan.

All tastes, all hobbies, have their place. You can choose a wide range of artistic shows, a huge gastronomic variety, games in the casino, discos, dance halls, bars, pubs or outdoor terraces, since the climate we enjoy rarely discourages us from enjoying our streets and plazas.

Leisure areas and shows

The neighborhood of Vegueta is during the day a concentration of the history, tradition and culture of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. At night it offers another atmosphere, more bustling and dedicated to leisure, especially of the gastronomic type. Thus, from the Market to the Cathedral of Santa Ana they open a multitude of tascas and restaurants that offer traditional insular recipes with dishes of new creation and foreign contributions. These places also have the charm of their adaptation to the historic architecture of the area.

The fun becomes more palpable in the neighborhood of Triana. The area of the Monopol -Cairasco, Passage of San Pedro, Peregrina or Perdomo- is a mix of people who enjoy the offer of live music venues or discos, of different styles. From Cuban sones and salsa, to jazz, to hits of the 80s or the most commercial of musical tastes. These bars are in building of outstanding beauty of great architectural history.

But, the epicenter of nightlife in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is in the port area – around Santa Catalina Park, Mesa y López and Las Canteras. For decades this area has had a special attraction for the Canarians, leading to a very large offer of all types of establishments.

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