Las Palmas Port, leader in providing fuel to ships in Spain up to May

Las Palmas Port, leader in providing fuel to ships in Spain up to May

Las Palmas Port leads the ranking in the supply of fuels that is made in Spanish ports with more than 1 million tons delivered in the first five months of 2018, over ports as important as Algeciras or Barcelona.

From January to April, the Las Palmas Port dispensed 819,424 tons of fuel, so that every hour about 300 tons of crude oil are shipped to La Luz.

30% of the national supply is made in Las Palmas

This figure means that practically 30% of the supply of fuel to ships in the ports of our country takes place in Las Palmas. Algeciras Port occupies the second position, with a supply that exceeds 925 thousand tons and represents 27.5% of the total supply in Spanish ports. The rest of the Spanish ports supplied a total of 1.43 million tons, which represent just over 42.5% of the total fuel supply in the whole country.

These data support the consolidation of the Las Palmas Port in the bunkering service and its position as the most important port for fuel supply in the Mid-Atlantic.

How is the supply of fuel done in Canarian ports?

In the Canary Islands, this service is performed in three different ways depending on the needs of the vessel: fixed line, which is done with the ship docked; with cisterns and with barges.

In Tenerife, almost 87% of the supply is made through two barges, while in Las Palmas it is done by fixed line. This is due to the fact that in the Las Palmas Port there are more fixed lines connexions and a dock for ships to moor.

These data show the good performance of the activity of Las Palmas Port and the Canarian Ports in general, whose strategic position has led to an increase in this provisioning service that benefits the Islands, as they are ports of transit to three continents


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